Tesa Lever-type dial test indicator P-Line 215GL, 0.002 mm graduation, 01810406

Tesa Lever-type dial test indicator P-Line 215GL, 0.002 mm graduation, 01810406

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  • Part number 01810405  
    Short designation P-LINE 215G lever-type dial test indicator, standard  
    Complete designation P-LINE 215G analogue lever-type dial test indicator, standard, 0,6 mm, 0,002 mm, Ø 40 mm  
    Measuring range [mm] 0,6  
    Circular scale 0 ÷ 5 ÷ 10  
    Dial, Ø [mm] 40  
    Travel / revolution [mm] 0,1  
    Resolution [mm] 0,002  
    Probe length [mm] 18  
    Measuring force [N] 0,3  
    Weight [g] 59  
    Weight [lbs] 0,1301


The new P-LINE range reflects all the quality and high precision of the well-known COMPAC brand. The benchmark in the field of lever-type dial test indicators, the success of these instruments is due to the long measurement range of up to 3 mm. The key lengths and available measurement distances are the longest on the market, while guaranteeing exceptional metrological performance (ISO 9493). The lever-type dial test indicator is invaluable for the recording of errors of form and position. Ideal for measuring axial and radial runout. Combined with decades of metrological expertise, the high-quality materials used make this new range an undisputed reference. The dial has been modernized with better readability thanks to larger numbers, a pure white dial for greater contrast and a new design of the circular segments.

Measuring range up to 3 mm
• Measuring insert stylus up to 36 mm
• Precision movement mounted on rubies
• Secondary pointer with revolution counter
• Movement with a very robust construction

More Information
range 1.2mm
model type lever indicator Standard
Dial Face Diameter 40mm
Display Analogue
Display Type Metric
Dial Revolution .2mm
Length 36mm
graduation .002mm
Circular Scale dial gauges 0-10-20
waterproof No
spc output No