Tesa-Hite Magna 700 00730059 digital height gauge

Tesa-Hite Magna 700 00730059 digital height gauge

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Tesa-Hite Magna 400 00730047 digital height gauge

TESA-HITE Magna 400 and 700

Conceived using well-proven TESA technology, both the TESA-HITE magna 400
and 700 models are equipped with the TESA patented magna μ measuring system
and can be used in the harshest workshop conditions, especially where the
gauges are exposed to splashing liquids of any kind and the penetration of dust
particles. Their unique characteristics means that the gauges offer the most
favourable price/performance ratio found in the market and constitute an essential
tool in the workshop. Robust and reliable, their futuristic design guarantees
maximum strength when used near production machines. Each height gauge is
provided with a rechargeable battery and can be used to measure height or step
dimensions as well as diameters, centre to centre distance of bores or grooves,
the size of grooves and much more.

–– Wide application range, two sizes available with measuring span to 415 mm/
16 in or 715 mm/28 in, respectively.
–– Electronics totally protected against oil and water splashing or dust particles
–– Control panel with numerical display to 0,001 / 0,005/0,01 mm or
0,0001/0.0002/ 0.001 in.
–– Dynamic probing of the workpiece with a constant measuring force.
–– Easiness, high reliability when checking bores or shafts using TESA’s unique
device for automatic detection of the culmination point – patented.
–– Acoustic signal to acknowledge value capture, also conveniently programmable.
–– Ability to measure parallelism errors.
–– TESA’s magnetic system, guaranteeing correct operating even in harsh
workshop conditions – patented.
–– Large LC display, also with symbols for the measuring functions.
–– Zero-setting anywhere within the measuring range.
–– PRESET function for entering any given value.
–– Metric/inch conversion.
–– RS 232 data output.
–– SCS calibration certificate provided with each height gauge.